Illinois asks for Medicaid waiver

Illinois has asked the federal government for a Medicaid waiver to help provide more early care services to families in order to avoid higher cost down the road. For more information: click here

New Jersey federal court refuses to enjoin state because of likely transfer penalty

New Jersey federal court failed to enjoin the state from denying Medicaid benefits to an applicant who sued the state claiming that she had to show she would likely prevail on the merits.  The applicant had not taken her elective state from her late husband’s estate. Failing to take an elective share will result in […]

US court dismisses suit by nursing home for delayed processing of Medicaid application

US District Court in New York dismisses a suit brought by the nursing home for failure to process a Medicaid application in a timely manner.  The court ruled that the nursing home bore some of the responsibility as they had failed to change the status of the applicant to that of permanent resident.  Full text […]