Crisis Planning Services

Are you or a loved one faced with long-term care expenses?

Have you been spending money on long-term care, nursing homes, assisted living, home care, etc?

Do you want to see how Medicaid can help?

Our crisis planning team can help guide you through the various stages of Medicaid eligibility.

Timing is critical.  The sooner you act, the sooner Medicaid eligibility can be established.  Delays can be costly.

Even if you’ve been spending down money for a while, our team can help you.

Crisis planning is defined as planning for those who have an immediate or near immediate need for Medicaid eligibility.  Here’s a few typical scenarios:

  • Uncle Ray had a stroke.  You were looking after Ray and helped him with little things.  He put you on his power of attorney as the person to take care of his business if he couldn’t do it for himself.  Now that day is coming.  The doctors have recommended that he transfer to a nursing home.  Medicare will cover it, but only for about 100 days.  You know that after 100 days are up,  you’ll have to start using the power of attorney to liquidate Ray’s money to pay for care — probably till he’s broke.
  • Your husband’s been suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia, but now his situation is getting worse.  The doctor is suggesting that he needs to go to the nursing home and you expect placement within days.  You’re wondering how much it’s going to cost and how you’re going to pay for it.  You don’t know how much you can keep and when to apply for Medicaid.
  • Margaret has been in the nursing home for over a year.  She’s already spent down over fifty thousand dollars, but still has at least twice that remaining.  You figure that you’ll just have to keep spending money until she’s broke in a couple of years and then apply for Medicaid.  Something tells you there might be a way to do it differently, but you just don’t know what to do.

In these cases, you need the help of professionals who can guide you through the Medicaid planning and application process.  You should be focused on the health and well-being of the patient, not trying to learn the ins and outs of complicated bureaucracy.

Our crisis planning services will assist you with identifying key issues, developing a plan, recruiting  and directing the necessary professionals to help you implement the plan, and help you get the Medicaid application successfully approved by your state Medicaid agency.

Call us or email us to see if our crisis services can help you!