Our Team

Our team includes some of the brightest Medicaid planning minds in the country and an extensive network of professionals who are called upon to implement specialized Medicaid asset-protection plans designed for each case our team is involved with.

Our Mission

We strive is to treat every person as if they were our most valued asset. We specialize in protecting what our clients have earned and the family members that they care about. We hold our practice to the highest standard as if we were preparing your plan for ourselves.

Or goal is to help you navigate the complicated Medicaid planning terrain to assist you in getting the most available public benefits for long-term care expenses at the lowest cost possible under the law.

We can help you if you’re worried about how you’ll someday pay for care, if you’re already in need of care, or even if you’ve been paying for care and want to see if you can staunch the flow of assets.  Our team provides extensive pre-crisis and crisis planning services.

Our Expertise

We strive to provide the best advice, assistance, and planning possible.  We provide a group of the most educated, qualified professionals in the subject at hand. Our network of consultants, financial counselors, attorneys and tax accountants are at the forefront of this topic, regularly writing articles and books on the subject. They are actively engaged in practice and actually teach others how to be Medicaid planners.

Our Guarantee

Not only are we state-of-the-art in our professional knowledge and experience, but we practice the little things that count with the relationships we develop with our clients. We make every effort to inform and educate our clients so that they have full comprehension over the obstacles and choices they face and the complicated process they need to go through to achieve their desired result.  Our team is committed to the highest level of ethics and professionalism.

Our Services

Our services include Medicaid planning throughout the US.  We assist clients with implementing their plan and seeing it through to completion.  We oversee the process and draw upon our qualified network of support providers to help with all aspects of the plan.  Many plans involve a mixture of assistance from legal documents to tax advice to  financial services and the assistance of care managers.  When we put together a planning team to help you reach your objective, it calls upon the talents of many different individuals — each skilled in an area of need.

Call us or email us for a free review of your circumstances! Chances are good we can find a way to help protect your hard earned assets and help you save money.