Team Approach

We have developed one of the strongest, brightest teams of Medicaid Planners ever assembled in America. Together, they can help you in any state to help you meet your Medicaid Planning and asset protection goals.

Medicaid planning overlaps a number of disciplines.  Often care managers are the primary person helping a family deal with getting the right care and filing a Medicaid application.  But to achieve eligibility a person may need a Medicaid annuity which can only be sold by a licensed financial provider or a special needs trust which are usually provided by a competent attorney who specializes in this area of law.

Our philosophy is simple.  We believe in using the professionals with the most skill and in their field to handle the aspect of the Medicaid plan that concerns their area.  But rather than have too many cooks in the kitchen, it’s always good to have the overall strategy quarterbacked or orchestrated by a team leader.

We help our clients using the team approach in a variety of ways:

  • Most clients do not have their Medicaid planning team in place.  With our help, we draw upon known and trusted professionals to put together and implement a successful Medicaid eligibility plan.
  • Maybe you have a trusted advisor who isn’t skilled in Medicaid planning but needs assistance   We provide consulting to existing lawyers and financial advisors on the best way to help their clients achieve Medicaid eligibility and can help supplement the team with other specialists so you don’t have to hunt for them.
  • Not only does our team prepare a Medicaid Asset Protection Plan, we can coordinate the implementation of that plan among the various professionals needed to accomplish the plan.  This orchestration is invaluable when coordinating one of the biggest asset restructurings most people go through in their lives to deal with one of the biggest health crises they will ever deal with.
  • Our team contains some of the most educated and informed Medicaid planners in the country.  Our team actually trains and educates lawyers, financial advisors and CPAs on how to do Medicaid planning and teach the Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP™) course.

Call us or email us to see how our team approach to Medicaid planning can help you save money!