Connecticut court overturns Medicaid transfer penalty

A Connecticut court overturned a Medicaid transfer penalty after it had been imposed by the Medicaid department and upheld at an administrative fair hearing. The case involves a 1990 joint purchase of a home and the later transfer of the applicant’s share of the home. At issue was weather the recipient of the transfer had […]

Illinois Medicaid payment delays threaten nursing home closure

Illinois has a long history of using delays in Medicaid payments for long-term care as a budget maneuver to manage the state’s horrible cash flow situation. Recently,  a nursing home wrote to the Illinois governor complaining that if delays continued, it would lead to the nursing home’s closure. For more information, click here.

Ohio court denied Assisted Living Waiver retroactive benefits

The US Court of appeals ruled against the application of retroactive benefits for Assisted Living Waiver applicants. In most nursing home settings a patient is allowed to seek retroactive benefits for up to 3 months from the date of application if they are considered eligible during those months. Because of lax waiver rules, the court […]