Mentoring Services and Costs

Mentoring Program List of Services and Costs

                If you didn’t read on this site how you can benefit by using a Medicaid mentor, please click here to go to that page.

If you did not read about why not learning Medicaid planning can get you sued (if you giving advice to clients 60 and older), please click here to learn about avoiding lawsuits.

The following is the list of services you can receive when signing up use Mike James, JD, author of The Medicaid Planning Guidebook and teacher of the Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP™) course, as your Medicaid mentor (keep in mind that attorney James’s hourly rate is normally $400 an hour):

1) Answering your general or specific Medicaid questions (this does not include full-blown case designs). This option can include:

-help figuring out if life insurance or annuities (and which kind) are appropriate for your clients.

-specific questions about the nuances to your state laws (while Medicaid laws in 49 states are based on a federal statute (the 2005 DRA), each state has its own interpretation of that law).

Who should use Option 1? Mainly insurance agents, financial planners, and CPAs who are not doing full-blown case design for their clients.

Cost? $750 a year (monthly payments are available).

2) Case design support phone. What is lacking most in the Medicaid space is help for advisors who are not experts in the subject matter but who want to provide advice to their clients.  This option includes:

-Time on the phone to discuss cases design for clients (limit 10 hours).

It is recommended that advisors who choose Option 2 create an e-mail summary of all the facts of the case prior to getting on the phone. This will maximize the time you are allotted.

Cost? $1,500 a year (monthly payments are available).

3) Case design support written. This option will include:

-Time on the phone to discuss cases design for clients (limit 10 hours).

-Three full-blown case designs in writing done by attorney James.

Cost? $2,500 a year (monthly payments are available).

This option will truly make a financial planner/insurance agent unique in his/her local community.

If you need more than three cases created for various clients in writing, contact and set up a time to discuss additional options.

4) Case design support written and phone for attorneys only. Attorneys have different needs than financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs, etc.  Attorneys who draft legal documents will want to choose Option 4. Attorney James will not only help attorneys design a Medicaid plan, but he will also help them draft the needed legal documents.

If you are an attorney, there is nowhere else you can find this type of support. It can help you avoid lawsuits while you are learning this powerful and lucrative subject matter.

-This option includes three full-blown case designs with help to create the legal documents.

Cost $5,000 a year (monthly payments are available).

Since the average fee just to design a Medicaid plan ranges from $1,500-$3,000 and when you add in the legal work, the average case design is approximately $7,500; so choosing Option 4 should be an easy decision for most estate-planning attorneys.

If you have any questions about the options or the pricing structure, please e-mail to set up a time to talk with attorney James.