Learn Medical Planning

For solid Medicaid Planning it is important to know the rules and know your rights. Medicaid Planning is a legal incorporation of documents within an estate plan that are designed to comply with the Medicare laws and the IRS regulations to reduce taxation, protect assets to qualify an individual for the federal and state plan in the event of the need of long term disability health care..


Develop and Estate Plan

Develop a Financial Plan

The Downfalls of Not Planning
There is no law that states you must plan. Every citizen who qualifies is equally entitled to Medicaid. People want to know how much money is enough money not to plan. Per person in an average of a three year stay with ancillary medical care in a nursing home, you are going to need between $500,000 to $1,000,000 per couple. If you do not have that, your assets will be taken and you will be on Medicaid anyway.

Often it becomes an issue of saving money rather than a simple question such as, “Do I have enough money?” Even if you do have the million dollars saved, here are some of the risks and downfalls you face.

Market Risk


Taxes to heirs

Inflationary risk

Creditor risk

Frivolous lawsuits

Setting Up and Estate Plan

A will is not sufficient to protect your estate from Medicaid. Your will is going to cost around 10% of the estate worth toward court costs and legal fees.

An estate plan is going to strategize and save the estate money because of the taxes you have already paid and the reduced taxes that the estate will have to pay upon you leaving this earth.

Setting Up a Financial Plan

A financial plan is going to incorporate all of your assets and needs support for life and provide stability against risk so that the assets and your estate grow in value.

Do I need a consultant or planner?

Yes you do. A good planner will save you money, not cost you money Our planners know and understand products that will help your estate grow and protect your assets for all your life and life needs.

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