Protecting Assets

One of the biggest threats to your assets in life is the potential cost of long-term care.  With the cost of care growing beyond the rate of inflation, the risk to you could mean a total wipe-out of everything you’ve worked hard to build.

Most people just pay their nursing home bills and go broke.  They don’t know there’s a way to protect some of their assets.

We advocate only the legal and ethical transfer of assets provided for by federal and state law which allows a person to restructure their finances and qualify for Medicaid.

Does that make long-term care free?  Usually not.  The rules are set up to share the burden with the government.  And not all planning will save every estate dollar. More restrictive federal rules make that near impossible.  But good planning can yield effective asset protection and cost savings.

If you or a loved one are uninsured for the cost of long-term care and want to find out if a Medicaid plan is right for you, we have a successful team of professionals that are capable of helping you achieve your goals.  Don’t let your assets get depleted when there are legal ways to protect them.

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